Will you buy Apples new iPad?

  • No, not interested.

    Votes: 9 69.2%
  • No, I have an iPhone already and this wont fit in my pocket.

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • Sure, cant wait!

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Maybe next year if they bring out an updated model.

    Votes: 3 23.1%

  • Total voters


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With the announcement of Apples new iPad device and its features revealed, I was interested to find out how many people would actually look at buying one. Personally, I think its a big let down with lots of features missing to get me interested.


Firstly, 4:3? Big black bars around your video? No 720P.
Huge ugly bezel.
No HDMI out.
Can only run app store apps. Not good enough with all those net books out there where you can install what ever you want on.
No cameras front or back.
Still no Flash. HTML5? Whats that?
No multitasking. No good for a premium device like this.

I will wait for Microsofts Courier

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I have to agree alot of nice features are missing the one that is definetly a no buy for me is that you have to use only apple apps this device is nothing more than a money pit for apple trying to cash in on the netbook market by making a cool looking portable thing. and no camera come on. But I might get on when the 3 for 4 gen come out are they get really cheap.
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I'll only buy one when you get warp drive and transporters thrown in for free. ;)


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I have no use for this, it is basically a gigantic ipod touch with no multitasking. I was hoping it to be more of a tablet, but unfortunately not. Now I know my professor at school wants to use it for his engineering classes, because suppsoedly you can measure velocity and acceleration with the on-board motion sensor. I personally think these things are too fragile, like i'm afraid to go anywhere with my MacBook Pro because of how thin it is. But audiences targeted with the iPad are not for people who actually do stuff with their computers, it's more for the multimedia user. I'm happy with me iPod Nano 2nd gen :eek:


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I think the ipad is too limited in it's abilities for the money. It would however make a very good photo viewer, handy for digital photography so you can upload images from your camera to it as a storage device, that said, it is still too expensive.

I would like a Mackbook Pro too for my photo work.


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I just finished reading your comment here of which I love it. Well said, and just about the way I feel. After owning and using the Ipod Touch I just can't see another device that is based on essentially the same framework. You can't download programs except the apps that sells. So thats kinda of boring. No usb or usb2, gee not much fun. I think I am much happier with the Macbook Pro I just got. Though I see I am in the minority since Apple has sold millions of them already. Guess no one thinks like me.