Windows 7 Is KIS 2009 compatible with Vista 7, 64-bit?


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Is KIS 2009 compatible with Windows 7, 64-bit?

I have installed latest Kaspersky KIS 2009 files on Vista 7 twice, but on both occassions suffered blue screen of death with machine being unable to even restart.

A little wary of trying a third time!! Link Removed due to 404 Error

Has anyone else tried this particular mix?

KIS 7 on Windows 7 is fine, fully functional.

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I am using KAV 2009 without any problems at all. using windows 7 64 bit. but I don't really understand your question as you are referring to vista 7(?) and windows 7.
Oops! I meant, of course, Windows 7! Have been typing Vista for too long!

Thanks for info, looks like something is peculiar with my poarticular machine; KIS 2009 cause it to crash with blue screen of death, following which it cannot even restart. Oh well ...

Thanks again.
Where can I get a copy

Hi, I am looking for a copy of Windows 7 for testing. We are KSI COMPUTERS located in Folsom, CA. Please let me know thanks.
Thanks to raisinjack's information I deleted KIS 7 (again), installed KIS 2009 (again) and ...
It worked perfectly!!! :)

So, KIS 2009, quite definitely, is compatible with Win 7.

Thanks again.
I've been using KIS 2009, for a few days now and so far I haven't been experiencing any issues. Windows 7 Beta is remarkably stable !