Is this new power cable compatible with my desktop? or will it fry everything?


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Hello everyone, my desktop is an HP compaq from 2015 and on the power supply it reads "AC input 100-240 V-/4 A,50-60 Hz" then "DC output shall not exceed 240 W"

and on the actual power cord to the power suppy reads "10A 125V"

I bought a new European powercord because I am in europe now, but it reads " 10A 250V"

can I still use it? or will I destroy my desktop if I use it?


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Some PSUs will have a toggle switch on the back between the two power requirements and some are smart enough to sense the voltage.


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Some years ago Europe switched from 240 to 250 V. The input voltage of your PSU ranges from 100 to 240. The 250 V is only marginal higher, and your PSU should not have any problem with it.