Windows 10 My HP pavillion dv6-6145dx laptop keeps shutting off even with the power cable connected


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Hello everyone, My HP pavillion dv6 laptop keeps shutting down after I installed windows 10. It was working fine for a while, but then windows started logging me out everytime I tried to log in. I tried to reset my pc but windows kept logging me out and eventually just started shutting down all by itself. I remember seeing the screen saying "locking" at one point and I have never seen that before. I tried to reinstall windows with a USB but the laptop just forces itself to shutdown before windows can finish installing. I always have the power cord plugged in so I thought it could not be a power problem, but then I decided to take out the battery and run the laptop using the powercord alone and it shuts down a few seconds after powering on. I am supposed to be able to run the laptop using the powercord alone and no battery right? Am I not getting enought power to my laptop? Maybe because I am in europe using an european to american power converter? the converter says 10A max 250V- . and , my power cable says input : 100-240v - 1.5A 50-60HZ and output: DC 19v --- 4.62 A

what could the problem be?