1. S

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Random Signouts? (Task Scheduler)

    Hi everyone long time windows user here. I’ve recently got into the obsession of automating everything on my computer to do things for me delete temporary files, clean the recycle bin etc. And I think my obsession with this has backed me into an abnormal corner. Basically what happened is I...
  2. G

    Shutdown system after 3 minutes

    How can I shutdown the system after 3 minutes automatically.
  3. Guest21

    Who is sad about Stephen Hawkings death?

    Who is sad about Stephen Hawkings death? Please answer the poll (this is my first time trying it out!)
  4. Karen Grube

    Windows 10 Forced Windows 10 update damaged my attached external USB hard drive

    I had a problem with a Windows 10 update process a couple of months ago that caused a USB-connected external hard drive to be corrupted and inaccessible. I was actually accessing the drive (searching for a file) when a Windows 10 update forced me to "shutdown and update." The system ground to a...
  5. Cardinal System

    Windows 7 Define New Keyboard Shortcut?

    I need to create a keyboard shortcut that will shutdown the computer, I already tried the method presented in this third-party project (Windows 7 create a custom keyboard shortcut for your application), and worked at first, but then stopped working; and I couldn't use it on other desktops. How...
  6. Jaap Verhage

    Windows 10 To really shut down or not to really shutdown? Questions and an answer

    Hello everyone, after receiving a lot of help from friendly people on this forum, I thought I'd share a little insight of my own. I have two desktops and a laptop, talking to each other in a miniature network. I noticed that, when shutting down one of the desktops, it didn't seem to really...
  7. P

    Windows Vista Vista PC keeps getting BSOD

    My PC keeps crashing, it happens seemingly at random. Only time I know its been happening over and over again is when I shutdown, my pc goes to the "Shutting down..." screen and then bluescreens. This has only been happening like maybe a month? Im gonna attach my minidumps to this
  8. A

    Windows 7 Shutdown, Sleep, Restart, Hibernate. never fully finish. SSD?

    I recently installed a Crucial SSD into my friends Inspiron N4110, Boot is super fast and everything works very well with a few small exceptions... When told to Shutdown, it goes through the normal procedure with great speed closing all open programs then proceeding to the blue screen reading...
  9. SnowManBawb

    Windows 10 Blue screen after every full night shutdown.

    Hello. So, I've had this problem with my pc for a while now and I just have no idea what the problem might be anymore. Ive tried posting on different sites but no one answered. Here is the problem every time my pc has been shut down for longer then an hour, the next boot up will end up in...
  10. N

    Windows 7 Computer shows shutdown with update option every time

    Hello, I have found a very unique problem that no one else seems to have. Whenever Windows Update starts up, the update shield icon next to the shutdown button on the start menu suddenly appears, indicating that I have to shutdown to install updates, even when there are no updates to install...