Laptop keeps shutting down and restarting after Windows 7 installation

I have a HP g60 laptop, I just replaced the hard drive with a Seagate 1 TB SATA 5400RPM hard drive because the previous one died. I installed a downloaded windows 7 home premium on it. After following the instructions I managed to get it up and running again. But the next day I turned it on as soon as it got to the desktop it shut down unexpectedly and restarted. After logging in and getting to the desktop for about 2 minutes it turned off again. Did I do something wrong with the windows 7 installation, or is there a problem with the hard drive? Also my battery is a bit old I have to keep the laptop plugged into the outlet. It is not charging like it used to could this be the problem? Thanks for all help in advance.


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I am surprised that you got the G60 working at all with a 1TB drive. HP advise the maximum drive size is 500GB. Can you check your hard drive config in control panel to show us what you have in the laptop.


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Did you activate the OS.

yes to whs.

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