Windows 7 Issue with installtion of video games and video/audio streams

Discussion in 'Windows Games' started by Gorin, Dec 4, 2009.

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    So I bought a new computer with black friday and it has win7 and I'm having issues.

    Steam is not working AKA every time I'm at the login screen it's stuck on processing and stays there and if it does log in, it's stuck on updating my game list.

    Also, whenever I try to start downloading and installing any part of World of Warcraft it goes to blue screen.

    before, I could access steam and when I try to install a game, I got a blue screen.

    also, with the audio and video streams, I would go to a webpage, start a stream or a video on certain sites and bam, bluescreen.

    The blue screen talks about driver issues and doing diagnostic, which I have yet to done and I will do soon enough.

    I've done updates to my drivers, various windows updates and tried everything to my power/knowledge, so now I don't know what is the true issue.

    If anyone knows what's wrong, please respond.



    PS: I'll post my computer specs if anyone wants, just respond :)
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