It NZRabbitty Just come in the door.


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Feb 2, 2023
I came from The Commodore Vic 20 era, told by a friend in an appliance Shop in NZ, to wait a bit a much better one was coming out soon.
and it did. His brother was in Aussie and sent 2 over from his shop to my mate, Mine was second Commodore 64 turned on in NZ, my mate beat me by 5 minutes.
It has taken me on a life long passion, full of joy, sorrow, Heart ache, temper tantrums, a lot of BSD, but still fun.

I love life and living.

I have a good sense of humor,
A bit Warped But its there!

I can do most things for myself, BUT, I am not fully competent in all facts of computing so need a pool of people to learn from or help problem solve.
Cheers for now from Hamilton, New Zealand (Gods Own)
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