Windows 8 iTunes installed in WIN8


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Apr 29, 2013
I successfully installed iTunes and copied my music from my old computer to this new one that has WIN8. What other iTunes files do I need to copy? I don't see my PLAYLISTS on the new computer. Hope someone can help.
I'm new to this as well...from what I understand, with the new iTunes your device has to be plugged in to see your play list. The at the bottom left corner of iTunes, you should see a plus sign and a cog wheel. The plus sign is to create a new play list and the cog is to export. I'm still learning this myself.
On your old computer there should have been a playlist folder in the iTunes folder, although when you copy it to a new computer, the files all have different file paths so the playlists will likely show up as empty. Haven't used iTunes in a while myself. You might be interested in Xbox Music which has a free streaming service which is ad-supported, or a $10 per month/$100 per year subscription that allows unlimited streaming and DRM downloads for offline access.
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