Windows 7 iTunes on 64 bit not working....

Itunes 64bit on Windows 7 using Orca and 7z

So I figured out how to use iTunes 64 on Windows 7 64-bit not sure if there is another posting with this info but I thought I would share mine.
First download iTunes 64bit from
Then download Orca and install it from
Then download 7z and install it from
Right click on the iTunes file and select 7z and extract to its own directory
Navigate to the folder and right click on the iTunes64 file and click edit with Orca
Under 'LaunchCondition' double click the VersionNT64>=600 and change it to 501
Exit and save.
Launch iTunes64 and it should be golden.
Mail me if you have any questions or comments.
Hope it works for all
Installing iTunes version 9, 64 bit for PC operating Windows 7 , 64 bit

When iTunes Version 9 came out I downloaded the programme and then tried to install it. However the install constantly fails. The error code 2324 is sometimes displayed and also a programme called Bonjour seems to fail to reset itself during the install process.

Apple offer no useful support for iTunes.

In desparation I then uninstalled all the Apple programmes on my PC by following the Apple advice. I have removed everything except Bonjour, which will not uninstall. Bonjour sems to be an Apple programme of some sort whose function is not explained.

I then tried to reinstall iTunes Version 7 but it failed again.

Has anyone else found this problem? If so, have they found the solution? If so what is the solution please for installing iTunes Version 9 (64 bit)?
Screensaver has stopped working

My screen saver stopped working about three months after being installed on a brand new PC. I have tried all the different combinatuons of settings and taken advice from many sources and nothing makes any difference.

Any ideas please?:(
ok, this is my very first post and hopefully it will help you out with this x64 itunes on x64 win7 problem.

i was having the same problems. changing compatibility mode did nothing to improve the situation. but here is what i did to make it work better.

1. change compatibility mode to windows xp SP2
2. this is the one that makes it work! ... change your aero display to windows basic! (its crap to look at but...) it makes itunes start up instantly and detects your phone instantly! itunes will complain about compatibility, but just ok that. and your done.

i also deactivated "bonjour" in the services, but not sure if that plays any part in the operation.

works for me, hopefully you too!
I had the same frustrating problem. iTunes worked fine on my Vista 32-bit. I ugraded to Windows 7 64-bit and after installing iTunes it froze on start-up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, used a registry cleaner, deleted old iTunes libraries, read forums up, down and sideways.

Finally, I found an old version Link Removed - Invalid URL and installed it. It ran, but the iTunes store wouldn't load. I updated that version through 'check for updates' and now it's running fine. Not saying it'll work for you, but it worked for me.

I find now that I am prevented from downloading any updates to iTunes of Quick Time. They simply faild. However my ancient version seems to, work more or less, all the time. Sometimes it has fit and fails to work at all, but usually it behaves. I do wish these childish rivalries between Apple and MS would stop. They behave like naughty four year olds

I am having issues with itunes too, i have not even managed to import all my music into my library yet, it has so far managed to import 4358 songs but is getting stuck and freezing on the determing gapless playback information. If i would have known this was going to happen I would have never of switched over to windows 7, i have never had a problem on my old desktop which was xp or my laptop which is currently off for repair which was vista.


Soooo excited I have made progress I have read that security software could be an issue, however the security software that i have purchased as always been fine, My Pc came with microsoft security essentials. I have turned off my real time protection on the microsoft security essentials and now have a fully functioning I tunes.
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:smile: Try not to feel angry about switching to Windows 7, regardless of the issue that you have now (and anyother that may/will arise in the future) it is so much better than any previous version, that you'll eventually agree with me and take into account Windows 8 is coming soon. As to matter at hand, iTunes and Windows 7 compatibility, if you have not already done so, make sure you downloaded/installed the right version regarding the bits in your computer, 32 or 64 bit version. It will make the difference (I had installed the 32bit version on a 64bit machine).

If that doesn't solve your issue, and this is an UNpaid advertisement, the Apple "iCloud" service is around the corner, and should make it obsolote to have your music in any hard drive. Though of course, a back up down here on Earth is necessary!

Hope I helped!
Many thanks. For some weird reason it all repaired itself one day and started working. I dare say at the next upgrade it will all stop again and then two or three weeks later fix itself. It's all beyond me. But many thanks for your help.