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has anyone been able to join a domain with build 7000, every time i try it gives an error message saying incorrect does create the computer account in active directory....anyone had this problem or know how to solve it??

I've been getting the same issue when using my 2003 and my 2008 test domains. I've got a laptop I just did an upgrade on from Vista to see if the domain membership "holds" though and will let everyone know what I found.

I am on a Win2k3 domain right now... No problems at all.

Am having same problem, still don't know how to get round it


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I had no problems joining our W2008 domain. I am having problems installing the Remote Admin Tools, though. I created a thread addressing this.

Known Issue

has anyone been able to join a domain with build 7000, every time i try it gives an error message saying incorrect does create the computer account in active directory....anyone had this problem or know how to solve it??
This is a known issue, I opened the question on TechNET and here is the thread. They are working on a fix, it affects Windows 7 when trying to join a domain that has over 15 digits. See below:

Windows 7 issue joining to a domain "The parameter is incorrect." : Windows 7 Networking : Windows 7 Beta : Microsoft TechNet Forums

Since you need to be a member to see the link, I'll copy the answer here:

Yes, this is a known issue within Build 7000 for both Windows 7 client and Windows Server 2008 R2. You will have this issue if the *leading* name portion of your fully qualified domain name is more than 15 characters.

Examples: <-- will give parameter is incorrect. <-- will work fine.

There will be a hotfix released in the near future. If you are part of any of the private beta programs, you already have access to this through

Ned Pyle [MSFT] - MS Enterprise Platforms Support - Beta Team

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ANSWER - Hotfix from TechNET

Hi Everyone,

The hotfix is now available to download for all customers having this issue. The KB article will be following soon, but we thought you want this ASAP:

Download QFE KB961402 " -

  • There are three versions of the file, for x86, X64, and IA64.
  • It is language neutral
  • It is for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (OS agnostic)
When you follow this link, it will email you a location to a download of the file(s). This hotfix should only be applied if you are experiencing the following:


Under the following circumstances, you may receive an error “The attempt to join this computer to the domain failed. The parameter is incorrectâ€Â￾:

[SIZE=+0]· [/SIZE]You attempt to join a Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 computer to an existing domain using the System Properties UI or with NETDOM JOIN.

[SIZE=+0]· [/SIZE]You attempt to DCPROMO a Windows Server 2008 R2 computer to an existing domain.

The NETSETUP log on the computer being joined (located in %systemroot\debug) will also show:

12/23/2008 16:06:19:419 NetpSetLsaPrimaryDomain: for 'northwindtraders' status: 0xc000000d
12/23/2008 16:06:19:419 NetpJoinDomainLocal: status of setting LSA pri. domain: 0x57
12/23/2008 16:06:19:419 NetpJoinDomainLocal: initiating a rollback due to earlier errors
12/23/2008 16:06:19:419 NetpLsaOpenSecret: status: 0x0
12/23/2008 16:06:19:419 NetpJoinDomainLocal: rollback: status of deleting secret: 0x0
12/23/2008 16:06:19:419 NetpClearFullJoinState: Removing cached state from the registry...
12/23/2008 16:06:19:419 NetpClearFullJoinState: Status of deleting join state key 0x0
12/23/2008 16:06:19:419 NetpMarkLastFullJoinAttempt: No offline domain join information found, FinishJoin key not found.
12/23/2008 16:06:19:419 NetpCompleteOfflineDomainJoin: An error occured while completing the offline join action, the action can be tried again. The error code was: 0x57.
12/23/2008 16:06:19:419 NetpCompleteOfflineDomainJoin: status: 0x57
12/23/2008 16:06:19:419 NetpDoDomainJoin: status: 0x57

Note: 0x57 translates to ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER.

The domain does not need to be named NORTHWINDTRADERS.COM for this issue to occur.



I have set up a VPN connection to my work computer which is running 2003sbs. I have no trouble connecting (as long as I disable packet filtering on my PC Tools firewall). However I am unable to access the drives. When I go to 'computer' the network name does not appear and if I try to use 'map network drive' I get various error messages about being unable to connect. I cannot find any suitable locations from the browse options.
Any ideas?

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