Just blow some steam and it has nothing to do with this forum.


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I have registered to another Windows forum a week or so ago. That forum is so lack of new questions that I seldom visit it.
Today I decided to see what was cooking there.
I came upon a thread which I wanted to reply. It was about running out of disk space in Windows8.
I wanted to tell the OP that if the windows 8 is an upgrade, he/she can delete the Windows.old.
And I proceeded to do so and included a link to a tutorial of Disk Cleanup which will show the OP how to delete Windows.old.

Guess what, I was told I don't have enough privilege to post links, not until I have posted 10 posts or something like that.
That is outrageous!!
So, even a MCC or MVP who is a brand new member will not be allowed to post links until this person has x numbers of posts under the belt?
That is supposed to deter spamming, I suppose.
10 posts requirement will make the difference?

I cancelled my reply and deleted my desktop shortcut for that forum. I will never be back there.
If I find a way, I'll cancel my membership. It is insulting.


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Sorry to hear you had such a poor reception on that forum you spoke of.


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Firstly, I don't like talking about or criticizing other Forums as it easily leads to naming, or "We are the best", which mainly belongs to sports, or Military Dictatorships. I'm not saying your OP is in that direction - not at all. I do think this Forum is great, since it allows great freedom of speech, and even arguments. Like I noted once, "this Forum is in my opinion quite adult". We can give and take, but we don't shoot.

Well, I have experiences of what you mention, David. In fact I acted as a Moderator in a Forum that had those sorts of limitations. The cause was given as "problems or risks" with new members = read bots and stuff. But it caused and still causes tensions, as people cannot what they want or need. It's quite opposite to the common Western concept that A person is innocent until found guilty.

Mike stated, in another topic, out of free memory, that The rules of this Forum were not meant to adept to Moderators' needs or wants [of power], but to secure freedom and well being of members, in order to keep the Forum vivid. --- It may be a bad quote, but it was something like that. I apologize, Mike, if it went wrong!

I do think our main task is to develop this one Forum further on the path it is on. I think we have a heck of a group. :up:

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