Windows 8 Kaspersky Lab Launches Kaspersky Internet Security Beta-Testing Program for Windows 8 Consumer Previ


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The Kaspersky Internet Security Technical Preview is designed specifically for early adopters of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft, currently also in the beta testing stage. The technical preview version is available for all users, for a three month period.

Source: Yahoo! News
Fantastic! I'm going to be installing Windows 8 CP x32 on Zorin OS (via Virtual Box). This would give me the chance to check out another Kaspersky product. I already run their TDSS Killer around once a month or so. The company also has some rescue disks that are free of charge, but for best results, it's best to download it from an unaffected computer as needed. So that it won't be outdated.

Hopefully more internet security companies will follow suit & do the same.