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keep those devices updated, folks … this security exploit deals with wi-fi chips from broadcom manufacturer. and, purportedly, the flaw has already been fixed (pursuant to os updating).

" … can unleash a self-replicating attack that, with no user interaction, threatens 1 billion smartphones … "

" … found a flaw across various chipset firmware versions that allowed his code to work universally rather than having to be customized for each firmware build … "

" … targets didn't have to connect to the attacker's Wi-Fi network. Having Wi-Fi simply turned on was sufficient to being hacked … "

" … said his attack worked on a wide range of phones, including all iPhones since the iPhone 5, Google's Nexus 5, 6, 6X and 6P models, Samsung Notes 3 devices, and Samsung Galaxy devices from S3 to S8 … "

thanks to our friends at arstechnica:
Clickbait, it was fixed for nexus beginning of the month. Also never went live, so is just the usual anti android fud.