Kernel-Power 41 (63)

Device manager or EVEREST to find info about your hardware.


Possibly this error can also start if hardware is not properly in sockets.

Did you guys ever get your issue fixed.
I bought my pc brand new from pc world.
im having the same problems. screen goes black makes aloud buzzing sound. and then i have to shut it off.
thing is. seems to happen to you guys more when you play games. it just happens to me while watching the screen. if im on skype or just waiting to see how long to the next crash which is normaly like 5mins each time..i did call pc world for there help. but i use my pc for work and they take the pc away. and comes back about 2months later. thats like bye bye anyways. when i called them up they told me that. it was my heat thing at the back that goes away...i dont know dont know if your heavy gamers. like myself. i play world of warcraft. nearly all day. everyday..i did notice that when i turned my heating off. and sat in the freezing cold. that it stopped my crashes for some lengh of time. making it happen less. say i come on the pc at 5oclock by midnight its crashed. once. then mybe once more after about 2am in the morning. then its fine till 6am crash again.. but if i put my heating on its crashing every 5mins..weird..but thats whats happening for me. and im getting the same error messages. and critical messages. i dont want to bugger my warrenty but honetly i dont want to lose my job either. so im having it sent into the shops for repairs...lets see if that would think with all them computer genuses out there they would have some clue to what the problems are..shows some arent as genus as they thought...if anyone has any information that might help please please. in none computer terms would be great.
I did look into the computer sounds and well i have 6 drivers in get lost turning them on and off..

My screen never made buzzing noises. I don't play games - my problem seems to happen when checking/responding to e-mail. Turning off one of the audio drivers
helped. My monitor still loses input and goes blank in the middle of e-mail but will usually come back on in a few minutes and that doesn't generate a kernel-power 41
error- I haven't tracked it to a specific event log item yet although it appears Event ID 7036 involving "the Multimedia Class Scheduler service entered the stopped state" might be implicated.[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]

I am experiencing the same kind of issue with my PC setup at the moment, spec's are
Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

i7 920 intel CPU
EX58-Extreme Motherboard - Search - GIGABYTE
Nvidia GTX 285 1gig Video Card - Inno3D Geforce GTX 285
G-Skill 6gig 9-9-9-24 1600 Ram - 6GB G.Skill DDR3 Tri-Channel PC3-12800 1600MHz CL9 Memory Kit
1TB Seagate HDD
Antec 850Watt PSU
I have individually tested each component of my PC, Ram tested, video card, scanned the HDD , checked windows, you name it and I've done it, my issue isn't exactly the same as the one listed above but I've done enough research across the net about people experiencing the same kind of issue with similar or close enough system setups, this problem appears to be a new-generation setup issue, as it doesn't seem to be happening in the same way to systems not using a i7 920 and above CPU

included is a dump from my event viewer, I am getting these restarts at random intervals, which have increased lately , I have updated every driver I have to the absolute latest, I am going to pickup a battery backup Power supply board to check possible Power issues...........
I also checked the settings meationed above about sleep mode and made sure they are turned off, then it crashed afew hours afterwards, same cause same issue......
How I get this issue is I can be doing anything in windows, and then suddenly it will decide to shutdown, it will go through a normal shutdown from the start menu, closing off everything I have opened or am doing (without giving me a chance to save), then power down.
Once down and cold, restarting can be a pain, it will power up then down sometimes, before even turning the monitor on to start up the standard startup information you get when turning your PC on, sometimes I will get bios is corrupt messages and it will auto recover from the HPA backup (or something like that), other times it will complain that I have overclocked settings in my bios and claim that they caused the instabilities and bootup issues,
I have had my Ram clocked to 1600 - 6GB G.Skill DDR3 Tri-Channel PC3-12800 1600MHz CL9 Memory Kit
this is the only overclocking I do and this issue has happened even when the Ram hasn't been setup like that......
I've followed some tips from - GIGABYTE Guide - Gigabyte - Motherboards-Memory / and adjusted settings in the bios as well in relation to the CPU, still no change........
Whatever this is, I can't pinpoint the issue enough to send a component back to the manufacturer for checking yet.........
Any help would be most welcome

- System

- Provider

[ Name ] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power

[ Guid ] {331C3B3A -2005 -44C2 -AC5E -77220C37D6B4 }

EventID 41

Version 2

Level 1

Task 63

Opcode 0

Keywords 0x8000000000000002

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime ] 2010 -06 -30T18 :58 :50 .090820300Z

EventRecordID 43905


- Execution

[ ProcessID ] 4

[ ThreadID ] 8

Channel System

Computer MarcusReid -PC

- Security

[ UserID ] S-1-5-18

- EventData

BugcheckCode 0

BugcheckParameter1 0x0

BugcheckParameter2 0x0

BugcheckParameter3 0x0

BugcheckParameter4 0x0

SleepInProgress false

PowerButtonTimestamp 129223977612463432

I will keep a eye for replies

Your problem sounds a lot like mine, the random shutdowns, increasing frequency, etc. I finally took my computer to the Geeks at Best Buy
(only ones in town who knew anything about Win 7). They diagnosed the problem as
the fan on the graphics card. Replaced the card and I haven't had any problems since.
Hope this helps.

Hi guys, i joined the forums to post my findings and solution. I know there are many solutions, but mainly sound driver related.

Foxconn 945G7MA-8KS2H
Intel 925 Pentium D Dual Core processor 3.0 GHZ
Kingston Ram 1GB x 3
500 watt pus ( cant remember the make)
ATI Sapphire X1650 Pro

Same problem as above, temp solution was to use only 1 stick of ram instead of all 3, any more and the result was above error and subsequent reboot.

Tried all possible fixes on the net to no avail.

My Solution:

2 Capacitors on the motherboard was blowing (leaking fluid) and one had started to bulge. one was located near the ram slots, the other one was by the Pci express slot and the third was a random one, not sure exactly, possibly for the southbridge. Anway i desoldered all 3 and soldered in some brand new ones, and if by magic, no more errors, and utilising all 3 sticks of ram. The Capacitors were electrolytic, 2200uf 6.3volts, but I had 3000uf 6.3volts ones, so just replaced them withthe 3000 uf ones, and all is working perfecftly . Hope this helps. ps capacitors can easily be sourced from ebay.

hello guys ! this may sound strange but i have the same problem but with a bit of a trick in the middle. One day like 1 yeah ago wanted to power up my pc, pressed the button the pc power up but wasn`t booting and the screen remained black.
thinking that is the power wire i just shut it down again and retry, but same problem.
After a few times (like 4-5) it booted but since that day i get these random restarts when i play a game that demands a bit more graphic. Sometimes after it restarts the screen remains black and i have to press the power button to turn the pc on and off for a few times till it can boot.
I have the pc for 2 years now and worked fine for 1 year but now its a bit frustrating i get these restarts not very often but some days like 3-4/day.
For a period of time i unplugged the power completely at night and for a few months didn`t have this problem.
I checked the gpu with funmark cpu power supply temps used memtest to see if the ramm was damaged ot the motherboard all drivers but all came clean.
Now i saw that i had nvidia sound driver and my onboard one installed and i uninstalled one since other had the same problem with 2 audio drivers.
hope it works but if any of you had the same reboot and booting problem please let me know if there is a solution.

I'm at present trying to solve this. If you can find your way to 'the nitwitts' gaming clan look for the 'kernel 41 63 solution post by 'Necessitor'. I've eliminated most of the 'solutions' put forward here. I'm doing this in the style of a diary so you can see exactly what's happening.
My thing is actually 'gaming mouse reviews, but this nasty little error started appearing in October 2013 for me. Embarked on a crusade to stomp it.
I'm trying to find the answer methodically and there's too much info to put it all again down on this forum.
Honestly done just about everything. At present I'm eliminating startup items to find the conflict.
The faulty fan solution already posted is one to consider..unfortunately it could be any of the them including the main chip fan, and you won't be able to tell by looking if it's spinning or not. Even if it's spinning could still be faulty intermittently.

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I had same problem, my rig used to restart randomly (as if reset button was pressed).I have figured out that there is some sudden current/ voltage drop below my UPS specification i.e. (140 v; and range is 140v-300v) (it happened when somebody turned on a high power device, which drags current, causing the lag).I have seen guys changing PSU,MOTHERBOARD UPS with no result; and I found the problem was supply fluctuating beyond the range


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Sorry to tell you all this, but all the "kernel power 41" error message means in the Event Viewer is that your system suddenly and without warning shut down; that it did not power down properly as Windows prefers.

Basically, it really tells you nothing except that you likely encountered a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

Each BSOD should generate a mini kernel memory dump located in \windows\minidump

If you can get the dump(s) from \windows\minidump, copy them to Documents folder (copy the entire "minidump" folder to Documents), then zip up the entire folder; upload it to your next post here or to a site lie OneDrive , a BSOD Analyst can then process the mini kernel dumps and see if they yield any clues.

In the case of hardware failure like the member talking about something oozing out of the mobo (I forget exactly) - the dumps are worthless as they are incapable of telling us the exact piece of hardware that is/has failed.

If the BSODs are 3rd party driver related, you're in luck as the dumps can often point us to an area the rogue driver may be in (like networking, video, etc...) & sometimes can actually name the exact driver causing the problem.

All in all, great investigations based on what I've read thus far.

Kind Regards. . .


Good, you are talking about correct and logical approach to find the solution; well in my case there was no minidump/no bsod (even after un-checking restart windows in case of errors).I guess there was no chance for windows to generate minidump and this may happen due to very sudden power loss.

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