Keyboard unicode mapping trouble!!!

Hello there boys and grils!
I would like to thank in advance, for your time.
I have installed a few Greek fonts on my system but I cannot apply them to any text editing app because the unicode mapping is different than the other "working" fonts (such as Arial, Tahoma etc). I have to copy and paste each char from win's char map app.
Another font viewer app that uses ASCII representation, displays them correctly.
Any Ideas?

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First of all thank you for your concern!
I already have Greek language installed and I am able to display and write Greek and Latin characters but only using the "default" windows fonts with Greek chars (like Tahoma, Arial, Verdana etc).
The new fonts I am trying to use are using different keyboard mapping to display the Greek chars (Latin chars are exactly the same key as the "default" fonts). So I have to copy paste them using win's char map. As I said, a font viewer application displays them correctly ,no matter which font I select ("defaults" or installed by me) in both languages!!!


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Try this:

Go to Control panel\Region and Language
Go to tab "Administrative"
Click on "Change system locale..."
Choose Greek from dropdown.

Apply all this and restart your system and see if that helped.

Already have that configuration and I also have Greek for support on non-unicode apps.
Additionally I have installed greek lang and greek kb layout.


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Can you give me the font names? I will try them myself.

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