Windows 7 Know what you are doing? Want to test Windows 7?

I,ve been a member of "connect" for some years.
Your chances of being selected as a Beta tester for a major release are extremely slim. I think they throw darts at a wall with a scattering of applicants on it!
However, better a try than nothing. Through connect I was one of the "dart hits" and got selected for Vista Beta testing
A point here is that there are quite a few other Beta testing offers, for which you will get selected. I even had to reject a couple as I became overwhelmed. It is important to contribute feedback, so that you are noticed as being of use for future applications.
As of yet, nothing is posted for the 7 beta at the Connect site but I guess it's worth signing up for a MS passport if you haven't got one as they can be usefull...
Really, at the rate they pick people, you're better off going to a P2P program and searching for a copy.
Their 'hire' rate is less than .005%