Windows 7 Kodak 5300 All in one printer


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were can I get the drivers for the windows 7 cause when printing anything it freezes or crashes the program trying to print from.
Kodak Drivers

When you installed the Kodak printer drivers did you use the troubleshooter and compatibility program in Windows 7? If not uninstall the drivers than reboot and then reinstall them using compatibility for what ever operating system that your Kodak printer worked with. I imagine since you are using a Kodak you have Vista installed.

Remember this is a RC and drivers are not made yet for it so you have to use compatibility mode in windows 7.
Kodak has indicated that they are working on releasing Win7 drivers soon. The current Vista drivers don't work, and cause the print spooler to crash, even in compatibility mode. You will have to wait.

There was some thing posted on another forum that someone was able to get it to work running an XP VM, but no details on how to do this was posted.