Last day to get the upgrade deal! 7/11

just a friendly reminder that it's the last day to get the 49 and 99 deal on the upgrade!

Id do it people, I purchased 6 copies intending to sell 5 of them on ebay :)

I ordered myself 6 also, 5 home premiums and 1 pro for myself, I might change them to pros though, I'd probably make more money that way, microsoft has the home premium update for 119.99, newegg and amazon has it for 99.99, go figure.... no shipping charge with newegg or amazon either with faster shipping...

o, too bad for those who didn't buy already, gonna have to pay double now...

I got 3 home and 3 pro. I would have gotten more but I didn't want to screw myself over compleatly if ms pulled some super sale again, though I'm sure they won't.

You defiently should be lots. Like home premium is £50 or $50. Sell it on ebay for the retail price of like £85/$85 and you get £35/$35 for free :D

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