Windows 7 Latest W7 Build and IE8 Version (Beta or RC1)


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Hi Guys -- question to anybody running a later build than build 7000. Is the version of IE8 (IE8 Beta) the same as with the 7000 build or has it been upgraded to IE8 RC1.

IE8 RC1 is available for XP and all flavours of VISTA. ALL (and I mean 100%) of the issues I had with IE8 Beta have been fixed in IE8 RC1.

Otherwise if it's still the same version as build 7000 anybody got a way of "Backporting" IE7 into Windows 7 or getting IE8 RC1 to work with W7.

A get around I know is to use Opera/ Firefox but you can't always do this if these machines are eventually going to be rolled out across corporate networks. It's fine for Home Testing but in a workplace one has to have some semblance of standard software even if it's not always the best choice.

This dicussion has already been started in another thread... but I'll answer you none the less.. ;) I am currently running Build 7022 and yes IE8 has been updated to RC1 and I have to say there's quite a difference (for the better) in performance and stability.. It's not only faster than the previous version but it's much more stable too.. They also fixed alot of the compatibility problems.. As for backporting I don't know if you can or not... Sorry I'm the wrong guy to ask for that one.. I agree with you about all the problems from IE 8 Beta 2 being fixed in IE 8 RC1... though I can't say IE 8 has beaten Firefox.. they are getting closer to being on par with Firefox.. :)
Hi there -- thanks for the info
Looks like I'll have to install build 7022 then. This means a trip to "The Jolly Roger" -- ah well in this case I'm not actually obtaining something that costs money for Free -- I do respect people's "Intellectual Property rights" BTW.

As stated in my previous post IE8 RC1 on both VISTA and XP has fixed all the problems and I've finally switched my XP machine to use IE8 RC1.

(My XP machine is my main "Production" machine -- I merely use VISTA to keep the updates current as eventually when I get the Retail / Final W7 I can upgrade easily enough. )