Windows 7 Librarys - how cool are they !?!


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OMG so I saw the box and ignored it. Then I decided to give them a try. I love it, how useful to have all your stuff groups together over various folders and network drives eh!

I'm so liking w7 :)
OMG so I saw the box and ignored it. Then I decided to give them a try. I love it, how useful to have all your stuff groups together over various folders and network drives eh!

I'm so liking w7 :)

Hey enjoy :)
....there`s two problems with me and them.

1.- i can´t use another drive than C: to locate a library. -my docs are in two differents HD´s

2.- i can´t throw them in the start menu. Personally i hate that.

....or i am doing something wrong? =S
^^ sounds like your doing something wrong mate.

I have a library called Movies which spans three folders, none of which are on Drive C.... I just opened LIBRARY then rightclicked a space and did "new library" and then once named, rightclicked it, selected properties, and then added in my other folders.... is this what you're doing ?

As for the Start menu, not sure I understand your question, but I use the search function at the bottom to type in the name of the file or folder I want to find within my library and it fins it really quickly.

Oh, also you can add network folders to your library but you have to make sure you index the files first. I cant remember how I did this, think I just followed the help document it provided when I tried to do it......

et me know how you get on , they are great once they're working ok :)
Im with kingskin. Your libraries are in your start menu by default also. They are the buttons on the side called music, pictures.. etc.
Indexing files is required for most, if not, all external drives. In my case; all my pics, videos, docs, etc are stored on a NAS. In order to utilize the libraries, I would have to make all those files available offline which makes a copy of every file on the local hard drive. All this just to utilize libraries? No thanks. Microsoft needs to give users the option to remove libraries and homegroup for those of us who will not use them, so as to remove them from the Explorer Nav pane. There are ways to do this, but I'd rather have a simple click option to do so, instead of registry hacks.

I'd like it if Explorer had Computer as the top item in the list like it always has been. I haven't figured out how to get rid of Favorites from the Navigation Pane yet

Sorry for some what of a de-rail.
Well I understand that not every feature will suit every user, the highly configurable nature of PC's and their hardware and software is the main attraction for me....

I can understand how Library's aren't going to work on a NAS box, and that's not really the fault of Microsoft. Maybe in the future the makers of NAS boxes will include indexing software so that they can be used. It's a period of migration as with all new OS's, and as far as I can seee the library feature is a very usefull addition which will no doubt mature into something more configurable.

As for removing the favorites from the navigation pain, whilst I don't know of a way, you can click organise and then remove the whole windows pane intself by clicking ORAGANISE, LAYOUT, NAVIGATION PANE. this will remove the whole pane of course, but assuming you aren't using favorites, and the librarys arent usefull for you then all you'll be missing is the my computer and network ist, which no doubt already appear in the right hand pane anyh00....
I do like the Navigation Pane, and I have managed to slim it down as such. Anyone who can tell me how to remove favorites gets a cookie :p

You're correct though, hopefully NAS vendors will include indexing software one day. I can't frown on libraries just because they don't benefit me, but since I haven't actually tried them, I really have no opinion. I just don't like that Microsoft tries to force us to use them. At least that's the feeling I got when I first started using Win 7,

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