Links & URLs requested in IE8 are coming up in a Firefox window.

If I enter a URL or click a link in an IE8 window, the requested page will come i an existing or newly created Firefox window. I decided to try changing my default browser from Firefox to IE8 to see if it would help, but couldn't figure out how. Is anyone familiar with either of these problems?


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Hi Chuck,
apologies as it seems your post has been missed. Do you still need help with your issue?

Hi Chuck,
apologies as it seems your post has been missed. Do you still need help with your issue?
Yes i still need help (tho not the highest priority). In IE8, under Tools>Internet Options>Programs, there's a check box at the bottom that says "Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser." The help info says that it not only checks, but also will make IE the default is it isn't already. I made sure this box is checked in IE8, and also the corresponding box in Firefox is UNchecked, but this apparently doesn't work and Firefox continues to be the default browser. Note that Firefox informs me that it is the default, but IE8 doesn't give that info.

I looked at the above link, and found the following paragraph, which could very well be the source of the problem, since I have Norton Security Suite.
"One or more options/settings in an ever-growing number of third-party applications may be disallowing the changes from "sticking." These include...anti-virus applications & security suites (e.g., NIS 2010...) and third-party firewalls (e.g., Norton Personal Firewall)"

Also, I ran across another way to change the default browser setting -- the "Set Program Access and Defaults" button on the Start Menu, or on the sidebar of the "Add or Remove Programs" page of Control Panel. When I tried to use this option, it appeared to "take", but when I exited and re-entered that page, it was back like it was before I changed it. All this was done with neither IE8 nor Firefox running.

Since (I forgot to mention) I'm still on XP and hoping to get a new computer with 8.x sometime soon, and don't want to risk the exposure of removing and reinstalling Norton, I will consider the problem closed for now. Thanks for the info.

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