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Windows 7 Linksys WMG54G Music Bridge - Anyone got it to work?


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Jan 28, 2009
I was unsure whether to port this in the hardware or software forum but here we go.

I have been trying to install the utility program, which includes the driver, for the Linksys WMB54G Music Bridge. So far I have failed to make it work under Win7. After much research on many forums I seem to be able to get the utility to run and according to the Win7 hardware manager the driver is loaded and installed and working correctly. Unfortunately, when I scan for my device it does not appear in the utility and thus I cannot play music through it.

I should say at this stage that the device control page is fully accessable on my network by using a browser on Win7 so it is 'seen' by the system.

These are the things I have done:-

1) Installed the Vista compatable version of the utility and driver (V1.3).
2) Tried to connect to the bridge both by ethernet and WiFi.
3) Have tried setting all the executable files to run with WinXP (SP2) compatability and as administrator.
4) Have tried with UAC and the Windows Firewall off.
5) Have tried setting a static IP address with other associated parameters.
6) Have searched many forums but am unable to find anyone using (or failing) with this device on Win7.

I know this is a long shot as this isn't a terribly popular piece of kit, but when it does work it is excellent. I'm wondering if anyone has heard any information or got this working, or not.

Maybe I'll just have to content myself with the fact that this device (with the existing Vista driver) doesn't work with Win7.

Thanks for reading.

Same Boat

I feel your pain. I have also tried everything you have, and have been unsucsessful. The wmb54g is connected to my network. I can open the web utility, through IE adn FFox. My utility appears to be loaded correctly, but when I scan for devices it never appears.

If you make any progress please post back.

same thing with me

I tryed almost the same things as you but I also cannot have the utilily find the device by scanning under windows 7... I hope linksys will provides an updated driver/utility soon.

It seem to be a problem with the wireless encryption. I have not tested it, but a guy on the cisco website forum said it's working, he can see the device, with an unencrypted wireless network.

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Install Vista setup from Linksys
Run msconfig and uncheck cmflywav.exe from start-up.
Set compatability of WMB54G.exe, cmas2ds.exe and cmflywav.exe to windows xp sp2 mode.
Manually install legacy hardware...pick cmudaxv.inf from drivers folder.
Reboot...manually run cmas2ds.exe, CmFlywav.exe and WMB54G in that order.
Open bridge utility and connect.
Right click speaker icon on taskbar and pick playback devices.
Set 'Speakers- wireless G music bridge' as default...Voila!