Windows 8 lken


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Apr 6, 2013
Windows has become unstable. The action center put up a flag that says "Firmware Linkage Driver has stopped working." My computer is a Toshiba C655-S5132. Upgraded to Win8 64 bit several months ago. Help!
From what I can find for information regarding the error:
[FONT=&amp] this particular device was installed as a part of the Toshiba Supervisor Password Utility.[/FONT]
So you will most likely need to access Toshiba's website, which is to some extent geographically specific based on your particular model number / serial number and see what you can find there after selecting downloads specific for Windows 8 64bit.
It may not be listed specifically as an actual driver but may come as a part of one of their proprietary software packages of applications and utilities.
You may need to download, install and use their Software Installer Program which I believe will check online for updates that your system may require.
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