Looking for simple drawing program for notes.


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I have a windows 7 computer with a stylus pen and I often use the pen like I would use a piece of scratch paper (sometimes with someone looking on). I've been using "paint.exe" - a program created around the time of the dinosaurs, but it still works. As simple as this program is, it still has 3 rows of toolbars (none of which I need). In fact I rarely even need to save the result. Wasting the screen real estate for these toolbars led me to see if I could find a better (and simpler) application for the purpose. Indeed I found one, called sticky notes, that came with my computer (Windows 7, tablet edition). It seems to have no options or menus which is fine by me, but it has one glaring fault. You can draw vertical lines but not horizontal lines. I kid you not! No boxes (unless you are careful not to lift the pen), no tick-tack-toe boards, no # signs. I can't even draw a fraction (which I do all the time). The reason is that the horizontal line (to the left, which as a lefty is the way I draw) is used as a gesture for erase. So for example, as soon as I draw the fraction bar, the numerator disappears. I went into the "flick" gestures in the windows control panel and set the left and right gestures to "none" that this had no effect. This is so ridiculous, that I don't believe anybody could practically use this sticky notes program. But evidently it is quite popular which leads me to believe I am missing something big time. Can anybody point me to the problem? Or if not, perhaps someone can suggest another note drawing app with the simplicity of sticky notes without this fatal flaw.


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Hi, thank you so much for sharing this nice stuff.

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