Loss of power of laptop; no bluescreen.


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Playing a game and quite often the screen blacks out. When I alt-tab it goes to windows logon, making me log in to my account again.
After about 4 or 5 of these occurrences the laptop just shuts itself down. No bluescreen and the charger's in with 100% of battery. I have enabled minidump writing and disabled automatic restart, so at the moment I'm stumped.
The laptop's specs are within the minimum -> recommended specs of the game, with most settings at low. Feeling the back of the laptop it's rather warm, I'd say ~55 degrees Celsius.

Also another thing. I zipped up the W7F folder but when I uploaded it it says that it's not an allowed extension. Not sure what's up there so I'm uploading the individual files for analysis. If anyone has a fix for this as well I'm all ears.



First thing I'd start with is blowing out all the intake/exhaust ports of the the laptop making sure it's not overheating and then use a laptop cooler/chill pad of some kind. Then next thing I'd update is your BIOS, according to your system info your BIOS is A08 2012. From a dell site I see that there is an A09 BIOS version....depending on your location, I'm not sure what your version is. I'd check with your Dell driver service tag number from here....http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19?c=us&l=en&s=dhs



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Apparently the current BIOS is the latest one, the newer versions are not supported by this laptop. I've cleaned it out to the best of my ability without voiding the warranty (i.e. I'm not cracking it open). I use a laptop pad with a decent fan underneath.


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... Feeling the back of the laptop it's rather warm, I'd say ~55 degrees Celsius.
If it's that warm on the outside (and that's only radiated heat), the actual temp is probably much higher which is causing you the problem.


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Pretty much what I assumed as well but I still don't have a clue on what's causing the problem or how to fix it.


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If it works well with text editors and other light stuff, I'd say it's a heat problem. According to a short look at weather, at least some of Australia has 34 degrees Celsius right now... we very rarely have that in Finland. I've actually often wondered how Africans manage their computers!

There are two ways in cooling: getting cold in, or getting heat out, it really requires both. If all you have is hot, it's quite difficult to solve. You'd need liquid nitrogen or something, like overclockers do. I've thought about building a computer inside a refrigerator, a minibar... One engineer told that to get rid of noise problems as well as heat problems, he would submerge the computer in concrete!

Not an expert here, but somehow you should get chill in there. Another thing is, if you have a low end computer running at its peak, it'll create all the heat it can.

Warning: Going far beyond, water cooling or ground cooling? We use ground temperature to warm houses, perhaps Aussies could use it to cool?

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