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[HR][/HR]I am using windows 7 professional x64bit.
My computer is in "Manipal.net" domain with user name "ESKE"
Now I can't install any software. It says access denied.
Computer is not allowing me to enable "built in admin account".
How can I install new software?
Please help me.

You need a copy of Hiren's Boot CD. With that you can boot up with an Offline Password Changer application. There is a setting to enable the Admin account and even clear the password if need be.


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Please understand the following:

If you are not the owner of this computer this may constitute a violation of your company's policies. You must clarify the situation for us before we can help you any further. Lack of clarification means we cannot help. If you operate the domain and the network this is quite different from using a 3rd party system that you do not own. The ability to provide information is different and the consequences you could suffer from bypassing security on a network, albeit not secured, is not our responsibility as forum administrators or moderators.

Further, enforcement of group policy over the domain network would rightfully prevent you from accessing the local administrator account on your computer irregardless of if you use a offline password changer. This is because you are not authorized to access these local system resources due to controls set in place by the owners and administrators of this network.

Your post does not read as if you have participated in the administration or implementation of this Windows domain network. This seems to indicate that you are trying to bypass a security policy and protocol that has been put in place by a third party which may own the computer you are using or control access to network resources.

If this is the case, you must consult with your IT or MIS Department to resolve this issue. If it is not the case, your entire network has been hijacked and you do not know what you are doing. The latter is very unlikely. Please consider that a compliment in good taste. However, it really comes down to whether or not you have authority to make these changes. You should consult with the management of the network you are on to better understand their security policies rather than try to override them using this forum.

Thanks..... I will try


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Perhaps you do not understand. If you are accessing a computer system illegally, you are breaking the law. You will be banned from this site, your IP address will be exposed, and you will be identified, to as best as humanly possible, at the closing of this thread. The 2nd post in this thread was restored under good faith that you would answer questions posed to you by the forum owner. If you want to play games in hacking systems and not adhering to our policies, we will play that game with you. Now you will PM us and explain why you are trying to hack a domain network you have no control over.

Computer Hacking and Unauthorized Access Laws

United States Code: Title 18,1030. Fraud and related activity in connection with computers | LII / Legal Information Institute


We will give this about 12 hours.

Do feel free to PM me directly, e-mail staff@windows7forums.com, or Contact Us

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Oh, you logged off.

Country of Origin: Republic of India/Bharatiya Ganarajya
City: New Delhi
Latitude: 28.6 Longitude: 77.2
E-mail: write2sk@gmail.com

Referenced sites:
Cyber Laws India

This information has been provided for law enforcement purposes in what appears to be a token attempt at accessing computer resources without the consent of the system owner and by circumventing the Windows domain network security apparatus in order to obtain heigtened privileges on a restricted computer system.

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