Lost all Files in Raid 1 Array

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I'm not sure if this is the correct category to Post this thread in so if it is moved I understand.

I was troubleshooting my Raid Zero Array C: drive and while installing a saved System Image, approximately 1.2TB of data on my Raid 1 Array storage drive disappeared. While I deleted the Raid Zero C: drive and then rebuilt the array after I rolled the Motherboard ports of 2 HDs I did not accidentally delete the Raid 1 Array storage drive. Really.

After I reinstalled the saved System Image File I had created using the Windows 7 OS feature, I was happily surfing along and wanted to save a website into the Favorites Folder on the D: storage drive and discovered to my horror that the Array had been either formatted or deleted. I don't know which. I unplugged the power connectors to the 2 raid 1 HDs to avoid accidentally copying another file onto it.

I had thousands of files on that drive. I had about three hundred or so maps, mods, and videos from my favorite video games and many many pictures of family that have passed away. Some of these files are in folders inside of folders inside of folders inside of folders.

I would like to hear from people who have had experience with this type of data recovery. I would like recommendations of a software program that they have used to successfully recover these files that are in folders inside of folders inside of folders inside of folders.
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RAID-1 is designed for redundancy. Can you just plug in one drive and access the files, even if the RAID has failed? For so long as you don't delete the array, you should be able to regain access to everything, and, after some time, either isolate or replace the failed drive in the array (assuming it even failed).

Hi Mike
Thanks for taking an interest in this thread.

I agree with you about how Raid 1 is designed to work. I thought my data was completely safe.

After loading the Windows 7 created System Image and surfing for a while until I discovered that all of the data was gone from the storage drive, I never got an alarm from the Intel Rapid Storage Technology v "Raid Controller". Or an Error Event in the Event Log. So I tend to rule out a fault or crash of one of the drives.

When I loaded my Windows 7 OS disk to install my saved System Image, I didn't go directly to the "Repair your PC" section. I thought that after swapping 2 of the Raid Zero HDs I would go to the "Install" section and press the "Format" button just to "clean" the array. When I got there the Format button was grayed out and not available. I think I clicked on the left side of that screen on the word "New" that was high lighted. I didn't really know what clicking on the word "New" would do. I didn't think clicking on the word "New" would put 10 years of data at risk.

After clicking on the word "New" I didn't hear or see any bells, lights or whistles so I think I clicked on cancel or in someway backed out of the install screen and back into the 1st screen where I clicked on "Repair your PC" or something close to that.

That said, from what I remember have read in the Raid configuration window (Control + I) when provisioning the Raid Array and deleting my Raid Zero Array to roll 2 of the drives for troubleshooting purposes I am concerned about removing either of the 2 Raid 1 Provisioned hard drives and plugging it into a spare Sata2 port on my motherboard that is not an Intel Controller. The only spare Sata2 port I have open is on the Gigabyte Controller. I worry that connecting that Raid HD into a non Intel raid provisioned Port will alter it's Raid software Provisioning making data recovery unlikely.

I'm thinking out loud here. I am no expert at this. But I don't want to jeopardize any chance of data restoration. What do you think?

My MB is a Gigabyte EX58-UD5 e/w an Intel i7-920 OC chip BTW.


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