Windows 10 Lost Internet Connection after changing local IP


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Jan 25, 2021
ver 2004, build 19041.330
After losing my internet for no apparent reason, I did a Network reset and rebooted which fixed the problem.
A few days after I fired up my AMPPS server and could no longer access any of my local Wordpress sites.
I realized the Network reset had changed my IPv4 from 1.63 to 1.64.
So I went into the Ethernet Properties for the adapter and changed it back to 1.63.
Fired up AMMPS perfect.
Tried to open a normal website - no connection. Outlook no connection. Skype no connection.
Ping google and it does respond? So ping responds but all other apps can't connect. WTH?
Can someone explain why I can't use the internet after changing my IP address locally back to where it was a few days ago?
I need both my internet and my local web server, not either one or the other.
If some other device picked up the .63 address then you'd have conflicting addresses and would experience problems.
Hi. No other conflicts with .63 and I even checked at the cmd prompt. Fixed it by setting a static IP in the router.
Both internet and local server now work.
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