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Having issues with low FPS on CSGO after the updates that were installed on my PC (03/09/2016 UK date). I'm getting around 20FPS on the main menu screen and around 24-30FPS in game- when usually im getting around 125FPS+. I have used powershell to get rid the xbox thing- though the little green window asking me the press windows key and "G" still pops up. I have also tried uninstalling the new updates to little success, can anyone help me? I haven't tried any other games yet.


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Does this computer have dual GPUs? Built-in Intel and a secondary card, if it does then you need to use the utility that came with the GPU (AMD or Nvidia) and tell it which GPU to use for a given application.


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Thanks for the reply, I have now solved the problem. I had to re-install the Xbox app from the Microsoft store and turn off the DVR and other settings that way. For some reason removing the Xbox app in the first place did not work.

Thanks for taking some time and answering my question, very much appreciated.

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