Low video quality on analog TV tunner

Hi, I have problem. I reinstalled Windows Vista to Windows 7 and video rendering while watching analog TV is not good.

On Vista it was like

And on Windows 7 it is like

On Vista picture was good, very smooth and on Win 7 it looks like old msdos game, very sharp image but this problem is only whem Iam in fullscreen mode. Drivers are newest, codecs are the same as on old Vista. I want it be same picture (smooth) as it was on Vista. Thanks for help.

You may wanna address this issue to the manufacturer.

Try changing video settings in your video card Control Panel.

You might benefit updating the TV-tuner and the video card drivers to the latest.


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I would suggest trying through windows media centre as the rendering tends to better in my experiences using DVB_t cards, than the default apps than the card makers provide.

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