Low WEI score for SSD

Hi Everyone,

I have an imac. I tried to install windows 7 from boot camp and the WEI for disk drive (SSD) was 7.9

Then I decided to remove mac OS and make it completely windows. So, again using the boot camp I re installed windows. But this time I deleted the mac OS partition. Windows installed without any problems, but the WEI score for disk drive dropped to 5.9

I tried installing the latest AHCI drivers and used the disk cleanup utility to remove 400 MB of junk. Now I run the WEI again, and the disk drive scored 6.3

Since the ssd scored 7.9, I'm confident that there is some wrong setting that I need to fix.

I'm attaching the results of my winsat disk and as-ssd benchmark tests.

Since this is an imac, I cannot access the BIOS settings. and I'm running out of options.

Any help would be appreciated.



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I would not worry about it. That WEI is not scientific and it is mostly useless.

Bases on the AS SSD I would call this SSD average. Access time is OK and that's what counts.

I understand WEI is not important. But why the disk drive which scored 7.9 has a score of 6.3 now?

Also, the SSD's performance is not the same as in the configuration that I had before.

Does AS SSD benchmark depend on software configuration? or is it based only on hardware?


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I would think that it is based on hardware.

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