Windows 7 Lucian Wischik: Async - Compiler Bug Fixes, Updates and Core Improvements

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    Lucian Wischik is an engineer who spends a great deal of his time making Async magic happen in the C# and VB compilers that do the heavy lifting and enable new asynchronous language features. Now, with the recent release of Visual Studio Async CTP SP1 Refresh, come several low-level improvements in how asynchrony is orchestrated by the compiler infrastructure. Many bug fixes and improvements in the core Async technology have been orchestrated by Lucian. What's new at the compiler level? What are the improvements and how do they manifest themselves to programmers? As you learned from Stephen Toub, making your own awaitable types is easier in this release. In this episode of Going Deep, Lucian drills down even deeper to show you exactly why, and covers a lot of ground. So pay attention! Tune in. Enjoy.

    PS: One of these days, I will pronounce Lucian's last name correctly. I promise.

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