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Windows 7 m1 download...


New Member
Sep 19, 2007
Does anybody know how to get an m1 build,seemingly a lot of people already have it...
There's no easy way.
I'd advise you to just wait for a more widespread release.
From what I hear, there is a version of Windows 7 that is 2.X GB and installs on top of Vista SP1. Perhaps that will be leaked...
actually 2GB is pretty small... I wonder why just that much???
I would say it's because it's building on top of Windows Vista, so it's just changing some code in vista for now.
That's the M1 Upgrade.
I'm yet to find that.

The one I've found was the standalone ISO, which included Vista SP1 + M1 together in one install process.
I heard there was an ISO of about 2.7 gigs and when you opened it in a binumerical display it was full of zero's...
Yeah, that's the fake ISO that many torrent sites are distributing.
Yeah, the "windows 7 repackaged" downloads are a bunch of 000000. I downloaded it myself, so I'm telling you that first hand.
The current build of windows 7 that is out on bit torrent that i saw was just building on windows vista. Microsoft hasn't leaked a version with a new kernel...Yet.

I don't think I'll bother downloading it till they change the UI.