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Hello I notice that Macrium has a lot of updates. Should I make a new disc and a new image with each update. I try to read the contents of the update but it is difficult to understand at times. I image occasionally and keep sensitive data on removable media. Would the paid version make it easier? Another problem is that when I have an image I like, I want to keep it. Thank you
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I would keep an up to date disk and test to make sure it is bootable. It may be mostly driver updates for new hardware and windows 8. I make a new iimage after I do Windows updates and am sure there are np [problems.
Yes, thank you. I always make a new disc and see if I can find my backup. I was advised it is not necessary to perform a new image with each update as long as the disc is valid and bootable.
Well if your image is a year old you will have to do all of the MS updates again.

>>I have an initial one then add an updated one every once in a while, still keeping the original.I am current in that respect -thank you.