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Maintain excellent electronic connectivity with DeoxIT


New Member
Dec 16, 2009
First, let me state that this is NOT A SPAM or am I receiving compensation for this! :cool:

Sometimes we all experience minor or major problems with electronic connections. Usually this is due to high humidity levels, high moisture, corrosive and/or greasy environments, etc.

I recently discovered an excellent company called Caig Laboratories and their products sold under the "DeoxIT" label. They manufacture several types of products for use in the electronics and electrical industry. These range from contact cleaners, enhancers, fader lubes, relay greases, etc. Their products are used by such major firms as BOSE, Lockheed, Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Diebold, Tektronix, Honeywell, db Sound, Rane Corp., Xerox and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Used and recommended by Radio World

In this blog I am going to concentrate on two of their products; one is DeoxIT D-Series Contact Cleaner and the other is DeoxIT GOLD contact enhancer.

The DeoxIT D-Series Contact Cleaner is for situations where existing connections suffer from severe oxidation, corrosion and reduced connectivity. Usually if the metal contacts are discolored, that's a good indicator of oxidation. It is a fast-acting deoxidizing solution that cleans, protects, lubricates and improves conductivity on all metal connectors and contacts.

  • Improves Conductivity
  • Deoxidizes, Cleans & Preserves
  • Reduces Intermittent Connections
  • Reduces Arcing & RFI
  • Reduces Wear & Abrasion
  • Temperature Range, -34 C (-29 F) to +200 C (400 F)
I know first hand experience on this one; I have a LED compact flashlight and it seemed quite dim, sometimes even after changing batteries. So I treated the contacts and spring in the flashlight with the cleaner using cotton swabs. The cleaner did an excellent job as the swabs became dirty and black almost instantly. I let the cleaner dry and the reassembled the flashlight. WOW, though the batteries were several months old, the light was the brightest it had ever been, even with new batteries! It was literally blinding white! So now I use it for the "run of the mill" contact cleaning around the house and such. It works especially well for those corroded automobile light housing contacts and bulb holders. Plus it leaves a protective surface to maintain the connectivity.

Now to the DeoxIT GOLD product (formerly known as ProGold).

This is a great item to use when assembling anything with gold-plated contacts such as CPUs into sockets, inserting RAM sticks, PCI-E graphics cards, PCI cards, SATA cable connections and sockets, power supply connections, home theater cable connections and plugs, HDMI cables and plugs, etc.
It's really a contact enhancer.

  • Improves Conductivity
  • Maintains Optimum Signal Quality
  • Protects Base Metals from Oxidation
  • Prevents Dendrite and Fretting Corrosion
  • Forms Protective Anti-Tarnishing Layer
  • Reduces Arcing, RFI and Intermittent Connections
  • Reduces Wear and Abrasion
  • Temperature Range, -45 C to +240 C
Whenever I do a new system build for a client, friend or myself, I use DeoxIT Gold to treat all the electronic contact surfaces prior to assembly. That way I'm assured of good connections and reliability throughout the life of the build. In addition, it has a light lubricating quality to it so when assembling the RAM to the motherboard or inserting PCI cards and video cards, they seat much easier and with less force needed.

Here is the method I use to dispense the product and it's a very economical method compared to buying the spray cans or disposable wipes. First I purchase either of the two products in the 2ml. tubes, it's 100% undiluted product and then what I do is go to a "nail salon" where I can purchase empty glass 10ml. vials with brush cap. The ladies who run these nail salon will usually be happy to let you purchase a couple of vials for a nominal price, since they get them in bulk. I bought mine for a $1.00 each, which I thought was reasonable. (I did flirt a little with the gal who helped me... :shades:

Then I put 1ml of the DeoxIT product into each of two glass vials and dilute with 9ml. of Ronsonol Lighter Fluid, then shake well and you're set. Caig uses naptha (which is what Ronsonol fluid is) to dilute their products in the spray form. Ronsonol is a very highly refined pure form of naptha and it evaporates within two-three minutes leaving just the DeoxIT product behind to do its work. Since there is a brush applicator in the cap of the vial, this make it handy to apply where needed. Sometimes I use a cotton swab also.

Using this method, the product goes a long way, as only a little of the actual product is required to do its job. Since the tube contain just 2ml. of product it is fairly easy to split it into two equal amounts in the vials, then just top-up the vials with the naptha solvent.

Here are images of the two products in the 2ml. tube size:

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(naptha is a hazardous substance!)

I hope many of you find this as useful as I have. Caig Laboratories makes some killer products, but they're quite expensive in the spray dispenser and disposable wipes containers. Using this method works well and the product will last a long time.

To purchase the 2ml tubes online, you can go Link Removedat 4Sevens and the page lists all the 2ml. size tubes and such. Shipping is quite cheap too.

Radio Shack sells the 2-pack of both products in a small spray dispenser format too. I believe it is about $16 for the blister card 2-pack.

Guitar Center is a nationwide chain and they sell DeoxIT cleaner and GOLD in several sizes and types. They have a website too.

You may purchase Ronsonol Lighter Fluid at most convenience stores, tobacco shops, and some supermarkets. NOTE: Be sure you use only Ronsonol as it is very pure, evaporates quickly, available in small quantities and easily found.

IF you're curious and want to read more about Caig Laboratories and it's products, then go to: caig.com - Home of DeoxIT® - CAIG Laboratories, Inc.