Windows 10 Making a 'Work' Account on Personal Computer?


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Dec 16, 2017
Hey there!

Lets cut straight to the chase: I am not being very productive at home lately. No matter where in the house I am at i just can't concentrate long enough to do anything useful with my computer, and i don't want to have to leave the house every time i need to write something, or continue a music production project, etc.

I then had the excellent idea of making a user profile in my computer exclusively for work. It has the standard Windows 10 wallpaper, clean desktop and taskbar, in other words, free of distractions. Yes, it is an admin account also.
I now have two accounts on my PC: The personal one and the work one.

But here is the issue: I can't load the project files from my work account! They are all in my personal account and Windows just won't let me access them, even with admin privileges.
This is particularly frustrating for music production, since the project files are dependant on other large files (samples, third party software, all of them combined are about 200+ Gb of files), making copying and pasting unpractical (especially considering that i have less than 100Gb left on my HD).

What do I do now? How do I set this up properly without having to copy paste everything from my personal account? If I could have those files linked it would be even better.

That's by design. The purpose of that feature is so you can have both personal and work data on your system and they can't be accessed by the other.
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