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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by LaurieB, Jul 1, 2011.

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    How can I make a Word document that was saved by a guest user available to all users? Its an interesting family history written by my aging mother. My daughter had to use my laptop while hers was in repair - she loggind in as a guest and saved the word document from an email. I can switch to the guest user and see it there, but I would like to access it from my user account. I am using Windows 7 and Office 2007.

    I have fiddled with the document properties, but that didn't help. The document only shows up in libraries if I am logged in as guest.

    Microsoft web site has instructions for using a "public" folder, but I don't see one on my computer, and they don't say how to create a public folder or how to move an exisiting document into the public folder.

    It doesn't seem like "file sharing" is what I want, because only the one computer is involved. Am I right about that?

    Any suggestions?
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    It's probably a sharing issue. Right click on the file and it should be in the drop down list.
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    go through the C drive

    some thing like

    c:/users /guest/ all files are viewable

    UAC will ask for permissions thouugh when you click on the guest folder but all you have to do is click contiue

    hope this helps

    you can also right click and create a short cut on your desktop if need be

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