Making Private Folders on a LAN

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by DemonTraitor, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Hi, I have done searches for this, but everything just seems to point to basic folder sharing :frown:

    I have 4 computers on a LAN (workgroup), one of them is a "server". All are running W7 Ultimate.

    I want to make a folder on the server shared only to MY computer account, so that nobody else on the LAN can access it. I don't really want to rely on 3rd party software, cos it contains sensitive data, which I only want to put restrict access via OS permissions, if possible.

    What I have tried...

    I created an account on the server called "Demon" for myself, and created a folder called "Demon". I shared on the homegroup, and then changed the permissions so that only the user "Demon" can access it. Then I tried to access it from my PC using account "SERVER\Demon & password... but it just does not work and returns an error as if the path does not exist...

    Am I being stupid and missing something. I have being trying for a while, and maybe I cannot see the wood for the trees - do I need to create a a domain rather than a workgroup? I do have access to Windows Server.

    I apologise if I am being thick :hide:

    Thanks to anyone who can offer help...

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