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Jul 22, 2005


Explore the benefits of Malarebytes pro-active protection and on-demand scanning with both the freeware and paid versions of the software using this review. Malwarebytes has been a tool implemented in information techology for repair and system cleaning for years due to its reputation for identifying and eliminating elusive adware and various malware components. The software is reviewed with an overall focus on functionality, explaining the difference between Malwarebytes Pro and the traditional free edition.

Malwarebytes has been known by IT professionals as a great way to rid computer systems of malware, trojans, rootkits, and other nasties through its advanced method of completely analyzing, comprehending, and destroying threats. As a supplement to Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), or any other anti-virus product, Malwarebytes is the absolute industry leader in cleaning up a compromised system. If your web browser habits lead you to browser hijacking, strange tracking cookies, or if you want to pro-actively protect your system forever, this is the program to get. While Malwarebytes is free and without nag screens, it requires you to manually scan your computer. The full version of Malwarebytes has a constant, 24 hour protection module. This module is preventative and not reactionary, meaning that known IPs are blocked from inbound and outbound traffic on your computer; the perfect supplement to your firewall. Malwarebytes blocks malicious website content and malicious file execution. Today, most industry experts recommend running both an anti-virus and an anti-malware solution. Malwarebytes is the best anti-malware solution in existence today

The best deals for MBAM Pro (I have 3 licenses) can be found at Newegg. Just sign up for their promos, you'll have the chance, at least once a month, to get MBAM for $15 (or less) with the discount code given. That's for a lifetime of protection. If your computer breaks down & you want a new one, simply install the latest MBAM & enter your license key.

One time, Newegg was selling it for $9.99 and giving a 4GB Flash Drive, but I missed out, they sold out quick. MBAM Pro is compatible with most AV/IS solutions (F-Secure is an exception), and uses little resources, even when scanning. And it's blocked my attempts to access a few websites that appeared legit.

Well worth the money!