Max number of processors decreased?


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So, my laptop has been getting very hot lately. I thought lowering my number of processors in System Configuration would help. When I checked it the number of processor was at 8, I decided to lower it to 4. Then when I tried playing a game the laptops fan was very loud. So, I wanted to change it back to 8 but, it wont let me? Now the max number is only 4. I use to be able to go up to 8. Also, a application I have tells me my CPU's temperature when I gamed it was always below 80 Celsius now it goes above 80. I have a feeling that's bad for my laptop. So, please, let me know if I can do anything to fix this. Thank you.


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Just uncheck "Number of Processors" in advanced options with in msconfig.

As for temperatures you'd want to consult manufacturer specs for your specific CPU. Intels thresh hold is usually 100 C with 80-85C being normal at full load. Gaming is generally going to push it to full load.