Media Creation Tool fails. Any work around?


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My laptop was upgraded to Windows 10 tw0 days ago but my desktop has not received the green light yet. I was reading that if you downloaded the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft's web site that it had an option that would allow up to upgrade your PC or create an ISO install disk. I downloaded the app on my laptop and created an ISO disk as a backup in case I need to do a clean install on that platform but when I tried to run the app on my desktop it brings up the UAC prompt asking if I want to run this program and when I click Yes, nothing happens.

I read some thread somewhere that if you're having problems with this app you need to do a selective startup where none of the startup where you don't run any startups and you disable all of the services and after restarting, I tried this and after restarting my PC running the Media Creation app again failed to do anything .

If I run Windows Update it says I have no updates pending but it was interesting that every time I've run the Media Creation Tool it puts an entry in my update log that says the update failed. The fact is the upgrade has not failed in the normal sense only the Media Creation Tool failed.

Has anyone seen this and if so has anyone been able to determine what is wrong and how to fix it? My concern is that I have a reservation for the upgrade but that too might fail so I'd like to get my desktop upgraded to Windows 10 asap. Any help would be a


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Thanks for the reply with a work-around. Everywhere I looked everyone was saying use the Media Creation Tool to get 10 without waiting and it concerns me greatly when something that's supposed to be easy fails.. My concern is whether I would be waiting forever but it sounds as if your technique works better. If you don't mind my asking, how did you come up with this solution?

Microsoft support gave me the fix. I had the same issue. Well not the same but a similar issue. I was trying to upgrade a computer to windows 10 but it said my graphics card was incompatiblie. I forced the upgrade, and installed the driver for windows 7/8 and it works fine.

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