Media player has proccessor in a twist

There seems to be a problem with media player becaue now whenever I open it the proccessor starts behaving in a strange way. It hasn't always done this but it is fluctuating like mad, all 4 cores up down. Has anybody else experianced this and if so have you been able to remedy it. Ive checked the proccesses out but that just confirms to me what my desktop gadget is saying. Any ideas anyone?:confused:

I have to agree with Jimbo45 here.. I've given up on WMP.. I do like what MS has done with it in Win 7 but I still don't use it for anything at all... just too many bad memories.. ;) But VLC, now that's a media player! Plays anything you can throw at it, let's you customize the sh!t out of it... I find it has way more "now playing" options too... it's just a really kickass media player! Always has been and always will be in my opinion.. :) I would also recommend you download that and use it over WMP..

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