Windows 8 media sharing


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First sorry about spelling.
I just wanted to know how to set up media sharing between media player and my Xbox as IV never liked media center and alot of my films are not a compatible format. So I use media sharing but since updating to this preview program I can't seem to set it up can any one help as my PC is my media hub for the hole house. Cheers people
Hi, what do you usually use, windows 7?
Hi no IV gone from slow vista strait to fast win 8 and i love it. I think that its just that I'm use to the old General settings in vista than theses in win 8 plus I really like windows media player and don't want to use tarnscode 360 for media center because its glitches abit. Thanks for getting back to me.
I use vlc for my Mkv files but I'm needing to media share to other devices like my Xbox so I can stream music and movies to it. Unless I'm unaware I don't think vlc media shares like windows media player. I agree thou the best media application there is I think for FREE