Memory Dump from a BSOD

Hey. One of the drivers on the system is using an improper address (0xD1 stop error.)

There are quite a few older drivers that should be updated or removed from the system. Looking at the dump, I'm taking an educated guess that the current AOL software is responsible for the crashes. It contains the oldest drivers and for that reason, probably is the cause here.

I recommend updating the AOL software to the latest version available that they offer.

If that doesn't help, then I recommend running Driver Verifier to pinpoint the actual driver which is causing the problems. Here's how:

Driver Verifier - Windows 7 & Vista - Tech Support Forum

You'd also do well by updating RivaTuner to the latest available.

Let us know how it's going and good luck.

Thanks, I do not think it is AOL 9.5 as that has latest version same for Riva tuner which is 2.24 I will run verifier, it found no unsigned drivers
I ran that verifier it really messed me up after re-booting all I got was blue screens, I had to reload a previous image to get everything working but the gist of the BSOD was MP_Filter.sys causing a problem what ever that is.

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That is the driver for Microsoft's antimalware program. Shouldn'rt have given a problem.

Well it did I ran Verifier it said restart computer and i got a BSOD for MP_Filter.sys I ran verifier after re-loading the image from my early morning backup I ran verifier again and again I got the same BSOD. I then ran and started W7 using last Known good configuration, because starting Windows normally would give me the BSOD as soon as I processed my password

You can attach a Verifier enabled crash dump if you'd like and I'll have a look at it.

Otherwise, if it really is pointing to the Microsoft file as suggested, then I'd start looking at the overclocking to be the root cause. Microsoft files simply do not cause bsod on their own.

The only problem is I cannot get a dump as machine will not start normally I either have to go back to a previous image or start in last known good configuration and then the Mini dump files are not present

Does it let you boot into safe mode at all? If so, you can then choose a restore point that was set.

Yes but I also can just use f8 and go back to last known good configuration, Also the cause for the BSOD does not show up in SAFE Mode I looked

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