memory usage in 64-bit windows 7

does it really run 900 mb of ram idley and if so i thought this was supposed to be less of a resource sink than windows vista hehe

I have Windows 7 64 Bit installed on my main PC (specs listed) and have no issues at all with memory useage.. though it does seem to use a little more then the 32 bit version it still doesn't go over 33% on idle on my rig.. Though that could go down more when I get 2 more gigs of ram on Monday.. I'll report back at that time if there's any difference.. ;)

how much ram do you have currently


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I'm idling at about 340 MB - 370 MB.

how much ram do you have currently
It's listed in my system specs... but I currently have 4GB of DDR2 800Mhz Ram..


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thats strange.. do you have anything running in the background? because I have 4 gigs and it's using 28% (1.14GB) with a few windows and a browser open.

thats strange.. do you have anything running in the background? because I have 4 gigs and it's using 28% (1.14GB) with a few windows and a browser open.

I just rebooted and let it sit idle for 1 minute.. now it's only using 25%... :) Must have been an update or something finishing in the background last time I checked the mem usage..


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I am running the 64 bit with only 2 Gbs memory. No problems that I have experienced.
Fwiw. 39% (811MBs

I have 4gb and 64bit and it was running at i believe 700mb or somewere around there.

I am having this same issue and its puzzling me.. My friends machine idles at like 300-500.. mine idles at 900-1.3ghz thats CRAZY. this is the 64bit edition and i have a total of 4 gigs of ram.

running windows 7 on a 64bit needs at least 2gb to run smoothly my daughter had the same problem she had a acer aspire 64bit with 1gb installed..
installed windows 7 and it would make a loud noise all the time and freeze up as well..
just popped in another 1gb and it is so quiet i cant believe the diffrence it makes....
also check that all your programs are 64bit and not 32

In order to reduce mem usage you need to disable search indexing. The task will run indexing when computer idle.

memory usage

yeah disable the indexer defo
also you can go folder options and change the thumbnails to icons only you can change alot in here


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Well I know I use a lot but, it's all explainable. Here's how. I idle at 36.6 used or 1,533.976 on a 4 gig. system. Of that number over 700 meg's is used by shared video. And the rest is background tasks and the operating system itself. It was more when using Vista. Shared video can be a bummer in a lot of ways but, I really don't mind it that much.

memory usage

yeah ur rite there, i find disabling the mozilla plugins helped alot.

do you have any tips to speed up windows 7

Re: memory usage

I'm 690 MB used with my 3 GB Acer Aspire 4732Z ..
Running Windows7 Ultimate X64 SP 1 ..
If you don't like the usage windows 7 used ..
just disabled some services in services.msc ..
Such as Offline Files, Telephony, Windows Search ..
Note that Windows Search using >100 MB Memory usage for Indexing ..
Hehe ..

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