Metafile and Page File size increasing rapidly

Hi all,

I have a Windows 2008 R2 server. All updates are completed.

I am running a software which makes map tiling (creating square tile png images). When I start the process, RAM usage increases and my application crashes with a message of no available memory.

I used RAMMAP utility to find out what the uses the ram. I saw Page File and MetaFile increases so fast up to 5-6GB each. I tried to :

1) Install Dynamic Cache Service (and didn't help)
2) SetMaxCacheSize API. (Also did not work)
3) CacheSet.exe /flush (nope)

Some forums on the internet recommended EmptyStandbyList.exe file which seems like a command version of the RAMMAP's "Empty Standby List" function. But my manager said that we can not trust a .exe file which we don't know the source (I can not blame them)

Anybody experienced the problem and has a fix for this issue?

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Does the "Empty System Working Set" function in RAMMAP seem to clear the MetaFile lock's on memory?

I did not use "Empty System Working Set" I used standby list clearing which worked fine.


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Hang on back up a bit… you are running this program on a workstation which is controlled by the server or you are trying to use it on the actual server machine?

The workstation can hang if the program is trying to reach the internet but the server will detect an untrusted program trying to gobble up resources at the ram level and shut that sucker down… this is by design.

P.s the excess page filing suggests that program needs a half-way decent graphics card to render the images… I'm guessing that you don't have one or it hasn't gotten an driver update any time recently?

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Hi I am running on the server. Application is a desktop application creating tile images for a map. Creates ~200.000 images with a size of 256x256 pixels.

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