microphone randomly cuts out and picks up speakers instead on skype and system.


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Hello. Today i am having issues with my pc's sound system. At random times, my microphone cuts out and picks up what i am hearing instead. People cant hear me over skype when this happens, but they can hear themselves. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks,


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Did this problem always occur on this computer since you've owned it, or is it a new problem? If new, how long ago did it start?

Also, is it a Desktop or a laptop? And what version of Windows are your running on it?

If the problem is new and it's happened within the last 5 months, you can rollback your Windows system to point in time prior to this problem occurring using Windows SYSTEM RESTORE.

If that doesn't work, have you tested your Microphone on a different computer? If the problem goes away, it could be your Microphone is faulty and will simply need to be replaced.

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