Microsoft announced low Cost Windows 7 Mobiles

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    Microsoft announced that there is a possibility of introducing low cost windows mobiles across the world particularly in developing countries. These low cost smart phones will have all the major facilities and the only difference is the low cost of this mobile. Experts revealed that official launch of these windows smart phones will decorate the market early 2011. Windows operating system is the latest OS launched by Microsoft corporation and it is in the development phase which will take some times to launch officially. First demo took place in the mobile world congress that held in Barcelona. The device having the windows platform will be launched at the end of the year 2010 and this is where the latest report of low cost windows mobile phones started around the internet web. The source of the news was a senior Microsoft official Sudeep Barti who is in charge as the director of developer tools for Microsoft visual studio team. He also told that chassis design will be different when compared to other mobiles and the mobile is going to be provided with windows OS version1. Full featured windows mobile is expected to be priced $500 to $600 however Microsoft has not announced any official conformation of the price. Minimum configurations like a 5 megapixel camera, large multi touch screen, WIFI, Blue tooth a minimum of 128 MB RAM are provided
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