"Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture" "how to"


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"Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture" "how to" screens... someone will find it useful I'm sure.

Step one is download and install the software;
"Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 Screen Capture" = XP
"Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture" = all other Windows

To use "Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture"
  • Navigate to the " Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture" icon.
Screenshot (358).png

Screenshot (359).png

  • Press the gear wheel in the middle and select the options…
Screenshot (360).png
Screenshot (361).png

I recommend you don't adjust the video settings because they are a standard used on the internet and also be aware that ticking the capture mouse curser option will increase the ram/ cpu load placed on your system during recording so you may want to leave it off.

  • The next button to the right of the gear wheel is the manager and the only thing you need to do in here is browse to the folder where you want to store your captures… make sure there is lots of room.
Screenshot (362).png

Final steps;
  • Press the record button and a (adjustable) grid will display on your screen…
Screenshot (363).png

be aware again that increasing the size of this grid also increases the loads put on your system but my Asus i3 12g ram laptop can record a photoshop/ muse session in full wide screen for 20 minutes without locking up… I don't allow Microsoft updates, facebook or anything else to run in the background during these bigger captures however so I recommend doing short (under 5 minute) videos to get you started as these will upload to places like vimeo (Vimeo: Watch, upload and share HD videos with no ads) without stress.

  • When you have the screen set to the size you like press the red record button to begin recording…

if you have it on full screen then this interface will be hidden and you can use the keyboard shortcuts (listed in the gear wheel options) instead.
Screenshot (364).png

During the recording session you will see frame markers to let you know what area of the screen is being captured and a running count of the recording.
Screenshot (365).png

After you stop recording the manager screen should come up with a new video at the top of the list… you can use whatever player to check this video for errors.
Screenshot (366).png

; It's a very bad idea to record sound during a video capture session… I know some people do it and it always comes off as choppy. A professional will simply record commentary separately and edit it as required.
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appreciate the diligence and perseverance you put into this tutorial, ussnorway … it's not near as involved as previously thought. you were generous with the screen-shots … and the tips were also welcome.

based on the supposition that you disable internet load/connectivity during the session … is this to minimize cpu-load? or band-width? if the former … i'd toy with the idea on working in safe-mode … capturing as much process-power as possible.

veritably, the video i had in mind would incorporate mouse-pointer movement … as well as narrative. with additional software, one could marry those items into the original composite … but seems prohibitive. however … doesn't hurt to play around with the software … get the feet wet. and, if elective, broaden the horizon at later time.

thanks again for your effort, ussnorway … was informative 'n concise. kinda' surprised to realize the forums at techsupportalert.com/freeware-forum had nothing to compare with your dissertation. kudos to you.
based on the supposition that you disable internet load/connectivity during the session … is this to minimize cpu-load?

veritably, the video i had in mind would incorporate mouse-pointer movement …

I disable most background processes to minimalize cpu load yes but Microsoft updates is a known cause of drivers dropping out and that is the reason I disallow them during recording.

Capturing the mouse is fine for some examples and not necessary with others… simply be aware that it does increase the load and on some systems that little bit extra may be the proverbial straw.

To be clear, I'm fine with keeping my system up to date but just not whilst doing an important process like screen capture.